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Your Inspector Tom McKay has more than 20 years experience as a full time home inspector. In addition, he completes annual continuing education to keep up with changes in the industry. He is a Certified Inspector member of the American Society of Home Inspectors having completed their rigorous requirements to be a provider of the ASHI Experience, a home inspection that combines the highest level of technical experience with the highest level of customer service. All inspections are conducted according the the ASHI standards of practice and code of ethics eliminating any conflict of interest. Additionally your inspector is fully licensed by the State of Florida license No. HI1361 and caries required insurance.


1.  We like to spend a few moments before we start to go over what we will do and ask you if you have any questions or specific areas of concern regarding the property you are buying.

2.  The inspection. The standard ASHI inspection will cover the home's heating and cooling systems; interior plumbing; electrical system; attic and visible insulation; the walls,ceilings, floors, windows and doors; kitchen appliances; visible foundation, structure, roof and more. While not required, we highly encourage you to be present for the inspection, ask questions and learn first hand about your new home. Not only do we point out potential problems but we point out the good features of your new home.

3.  After the inspection your inspector will review his findings and provide you with an on site printed inspection report or emailed report.The report will contain a summary page with a list of items we recommend for attention. With your permission only do we provide a copy to your Realtor for convenience in determining your course of action. We are always available to discuss the inspection report with you.